12:53pm October 5, 2012

Homestuck Classes & Aspects

EDIT: Changed the positions of Knight and Heir due to the newest updates 01/10/12

For my own edification:


+Page                 -Lord

+Bard                  -Prince                (Destroy)

+Knight               -Heir                    (Exploit)

+Seer                   -Mage                 (Understand)

+Rogue                -Thief                  (Take)

+Sylph                -Witch

+Muse                 -Maid

Bold are my guesses on +/-, based on various things that was said in canon. Strikethrough is because gender specification of Page, Heir, Maid, Sylph and Witch are all guesses as well, so Mage and Knight have no strikethrough because we know they are . Also, I would guess it has nothing to do with physical sex because of Calliope and Caliborn.

The guesses are just stuff I randomly thought of because of the gaps left over from what we know about the other classes. Witches and Sylphs, beyond the connection that Kanaya mentioned, are put together as just because they both have a skirt. Out of the three others with unknown gender specifications, maid is the only one that is feminine (definitely more so than Page or Heir) which is why I made it the counterpart to Muse. The post by lildurandal that I linked to below is what made me decide to put Mage as counterpart of Seer. Which leaves Page, Heir and Knight; either Page or Heir is to go with Lord while the other is ⚥ to go with Knight. Since Page is more masculine than Heir, I made it the counterpart to Lord, which leaves Heir as the counterpart to Knight. Obviously these guesses are dependent on there being no other classes besides these 14, while Hussie has always answered MAYBE to this question.

We know that there are just as many exclusively female as exclusively male. And it is my guess that the most active class is Maid as it lines up with Muse being the most passive; and the two most passive classes will have to be Bard and Page according to what I laid out here, it would also line up Page with Lord which is the most active. Going off of that, the next most active is likely Prince, and then Witch, Heir, Thief, and lastly Mage which might not be very active. On the other side of the scale, after Bard and Page is probably Sylph, Rogue, Knight, and then Seer which isn’t very passive.

Since active classes act on the self while passive classes act on others, then canonically: Princes themselves destroy and Bards gets others to/lets others destroy, Thieves take for themselves and Rogues take for others, Seers has understanding for the group, and Knights exploit for (I’m guessing) others’ sake. Building on this, Heir would then exploit for their own sake, which works with the newest updates.

Interestingly enough, if my guesses are correct then there are an equal number of active and passive players in all five sessions we know of so far. Also there are an equal number of male vs. female active and passive players in all troll and human sessions except pre-scratch trolls, where four of the passive players are male and four of the active players are female.


Bards are , passive, destruction
Knights are (Dave, Karkat & Latula), weaponise
Lords are , active,
Mages are (Sollux & Meulin)
Muses are , passive,
Pages have a lot of untapped potential
Princes are , active, destruction
Rogues are , passive, stealing
Seers are (Rose, Terezi & Kankri), passive, know ledge
Sylphs are maybe passive because they help others, maybe a counterpart to Witches because they are 'Like A Witch But More Magical'
Thieves are , active, steal ing
Witches are active, maybe manipulate things

It might be worth noting that the two we know absolutely nothing about in canon is Heir and Maid, both of which are classes for the leaders of the human sessions.




Breath - wind
Heart - soul
Hope - I guessed belief because of this post and Jake says 'he's a believing guy'
Life - life
Light - fortune/luck
Mind - decisions
Rage -
Space - physical location
Time - time
Void - obscurement

An unintended consequence of these suppositions is that all four Space players so far have ♀ classes, all three Hope players have ♂ classes, both Rage players have ♂ classes, and both Blood & Doom & Mind players have ⚥ classes. Also, all three Life players are active classes, while all three Void players are passive classes. Of course, this might not mean anything, but it’s interesting.

I have gone through all of Homestuck, Hussie’s Tumblr and as much of the saved Formspring answers as I could. I haven’t gone through his Twitter though, except that one tweet I favourited. Hopefully, I haven’t missed anything too egregious.